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…& it has come to this. You now have started to get apps for learning even very sophisticated coding. Pocket Programming is a smartphone app that will help you learn programming on Ruby & Ruby on Rails. To be more specific, it helps beginners move on to a more skilled level where you are able to tackle problems instead of just being able to imitate tutorials.

It’s a Q&A app, similar to Lrn. You don’t have to type any code or debug anything. You simply answer multiple choice questions, & select the right choice out of the 3 provided. Questions come in different formats such as fill-in-the-blanks, true-false, among others, designed to maximize your learning.

The format is made in a way to take you through everything in easy installments of 10 questions a day for 4 weeks. You can easily do it in the spare time you have, such as during boring commutes, relaxing on the sofa, or while waiting in line at the store.

The app has an algorithm that will analyze the aspects you are poor at, so that you know which parts of Rails & Ruby on Rails you need to focus on. Needless to say, the app will then provide you the necessary support for improving yourself in those specific aspects.

The explanations are provided in simple & easy to understand language. The app aims to help you become a capable programmer, & helps you focus on the questions you need to be able to answer for creating professional applications & websites using Rails & Ruby on Rails.

So what makes this app different?

One of its founders Keisuke Hoshino told What’s New On The Net by email: We think there is a big problem about current the way to learn programming. Actually, it’s becoming easier to learn programming than before for the people who are not familiar with programming because of the abundant “how to learn movies” or books for beginners.

However, once the beginners try to make a Web service, suddenly they will be up against many difficulties.  At last, they will give it up.  Why? I think it’s very simple. It’s because they cannot understand the basics completely. If so, why they cannot do it even if they have learned by movies or books?

There are 2 reasons.  1st, there is a huge difference between to write code by themselves and to follow the tutorials because the methods watching movies or reading books are passive learning.

2nd, there are some services which can write code with watching movies, however, they only show the correct way. That’s way, of course, students never seen errors.

But if you are still not sure about something, this new app does offer helpful reference links for further reading. This is far easier as compared to buying a book or opening up a website on Ruby on Rails programming & trying to figure out where to start.

Pocket Programming was developed Berlin, Germany-based FFAB0, founded in Oct 2013 by Keisuke & Yuto Kitakuni. Keisuke is the programmer in the firm, & Yuto is the designer.

Click here to download the Android version of the Pocket Programming app from Google Play to learn Ruby on Rails. It is priced at US $3. FFAB0 released the Japanese version of the app earlier this month, & it well be releasing the English version for the rest of the world on Oct 1.

The iOS version of the app is currently under development. The company is also working on Pocket Programming apps that will help you learn other languages including HTML, CSS, Objective-C, & Java.


- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -
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