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Shanghai, July 16, 2015, PRNewswire: The world is changing and ChatSim changes with it. Revolutionizing once again the increasingly exuberant Instant Messaging market.

Unveiled today in a world premiere at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai – Asia’s largest trade fair in the mobile industry (July 15-17, 2015) – ChatSim World is the fastest and most innovative version of ChatSim, the world’s first SIM that lets you chat for free, anywhere and without limits, even without Wi-Fi, with instant messaging apps: WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and many other apps available for devices. Today ChatSim is the world’s first “Instant Messaging Mobile Operator” (

ChatSim World speed exchanging content over 4G networks (PRNewsFoto/ChatSim)

ChatSim World speed exchanging content over 4G networks (PRNewsFoto/ChatSim)

ChatSim World was presented successfully to a large crowd of enthusiasts, journalists and professionals attending the MWC in Shanghai as the world’s best performing SIM card for chatting that is capable of ensuring extraordinary speed exchanging content over 4G networks, “to exchange photos, videos and emotions at high speed and stay connected with everything and everyone. With a super-fast connection, the world seems to be at your fingertips,” stated Manuel Zanella (38 y/o), CEO of ChatSim, and already founder and CEO of Zeromobile, Italy’s number one low-cost global mobile operator (

ChatSim World features:

New roaming agreements
Automatic block of non-messaging apps and background traffic to identify the most traffic-intensive apps and quantify the savings
Smart 4G to exchange photos, videos and emotions at high speed.

The first countries where 4G will be introduced are: Belgium, Canada, South Korea, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Spain.

“Coverage will then be extended gradually to other countries over a period of 12 months,” declared Manuel Zanella, who concluded his speech at the official launch of ChatSim World confirming his goal of selling 1 million SIM cards by 2016. As he smiled, the inventor of ChatSim added, “And maybe high-speed 4G will help us reach our goal even faster.”


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