KPMG Startup Trends Index – a real time picture of the world of startups & funding

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Are you a startup,a venture capitalist or someone who simply likes to track startups? For this audience, there’s now the ‘KPMG Startup Trends Index’ which provides a real time view of the world of startups, incubators, venture capitalists & related technology trends.

The Index is “inspired” by the previously developed KPMG Technology Trends Index & built on the same premise: why write a static, quickly outdated view of a market when one can leverage technology & knowledge to give a real time view into the market place?

The Index uses a combination of Owlin technology & KPMG’s knowledge of the startup landscape, according to an announcement on the Site. Owlin, a real time news alert service, scans about 1 million sources on the Internet worldwide 24X7. Through proprietary algorithms it filters news & grades it according to relevance & importance.

The Index is continuously updated & analyzed, & is interactive, scroll down. According to KPMG, the Index is not a snapshot, but provides a real time view of technology trends in 8 large industry sectors.

The Index filters, analyzes & provides insights culled from more than 1.8 million news & social media sources. It reveals the new technology & business models startups are bringing to market, as well as key areas major investors are focusing on, what disruptive technologies are drawing their interest, & the volume of buzz generated by various industry sectors.

The ‘Trending’ section shows the biggest changes of media attention related to startups in the categories of Incubators, VC’s, tech companies & tech trends over the last month. On the other hand, the ‘Buzzing’ section provides an overview of the top 10 Incubators, VC’s, tech cos that have generated the most amount of media attention related to startups. The deals bar gives an indication of the amount of news around deals in a specific sector related to startups. Sectors include Banking, Media & Entertainment, among others. There’s even a scrolling ticker with headlines of top trending news stories.

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