Smartphone app ‘Kommute’ is Most Useful Startup of the Month – Feb 2016

mostusefulstartuplogoWhat’s New On The Net has had an amazing ride in Feb 2016, reporting on the birth of various apps & startups. Now, it’s that time of the month – yup, to announce the ‘Most Useful Startup of the Month.’ For Feb 2016, our edit team decided that new smartphone app Kommute should get this title.

For all those who missed it, here’s a recap: whether you’re a commuter on the subway, you are on a flight, in some out of the way location, or simply have run out of credit on your data plan, ‘Kommute’ can be a life saver. This iOS app claims to be the only app that serves you the latest Websites without an Internet connection.
So congrats to team Kommute. Click here to read up on this iOS app.
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