‘Kloudsec’: An “affordable” solution for speeding up Websites

kloudsecService ‘Kloudsec’ aims to “speed up your Website”. It contains a number of functions that aim to help Website owners & businesses optimize their Web presence. The main focus of the free module, called ‘Speed’ is on monitoring the response times of each Web page & through a smart assistant, offers a Content Distribution Network (CDN), which loads pages up to 40% faster.

The CDN consists of a network of distributed servers in the biggest markets around the world (Europe, Asia & North America) with intelligent caching, that also helps to reduce bandwidth usage to your servers by up to 80%.

Users of this platform can also opt for the use of a “Reliability” plugin, which employs automation to provide offline protection. A “robot assistant” periodically tests & checks if a Website is Online. If not the Website’s admin staff is notified & archived versions of the Website are served up, letting your Site’s users keep viewing the Site while your tech staff fix your issues. A feature of this plugin called “Service Doctor” tells you which pages’ speed performance have degraded over time.

The “Protection” plugins are designed to protect your Website from hacking attacks.  “Webshield” is a Site assistant robot which filters hacking attempts before reaching your Web server, nipping in the bud such common attacks as cross-site scripting & SQL injection. The other plugin in this module is called ” 1-click encryption” & is a free service that automatically adds an SSL certificate to your Site. The encryption which this service provides prevents snooping of data between your users & your Webserver, that way you can protect credit card numbers & username/passwords from being intercepted. Also, SEO benefits as Google prioritizes Websites with SSL certificates & users trust the Site more.

Kloudsec is startup based in Singapore, China, & counts among its founders CEO Steven Goh, who previously founded GOM VPN, which now powers Kloudsec’s tech. He firmly believes that through the effort of Kloudsec & its easily deployed tools “security does not just have to be for geeks”.

The price factor

On their Website, Kloudsec compares its offering to competitors like Fast.ly, Cloudfare, Cloudbric & FastCDN, whose offerings, they claim, are quite a bit costlier & not as feature rich as theirs. They offer “Site Encrypt” & “Service Doctor” for free & have packages for “Web Shield” & “Offline Protection” ranging from US $9.99 for their basic protection to $599 for the pro package for “Web Shield” & $299 for “Offline Protection”.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –


Image Credit: Kloudsec



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