KFC Germany hands out bluetooth paper keyboards in order trays


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By: Taarika Ghaswalla

This product really means using your fingers to the hilt! (And sorry for the exclamation mark.)

Fast food joint KFC wanted to do something unique for the launch of some of its restaurants in Germany so it introduced the KFC Tray Typer, as a part of an advertising campaign, along with Gemany advert agency Serviceplan. This was a new super-thin, Bluetooth keyboard that arrived with your tray of fast food, & looked like the paper lining we often find on ordinary KFC trays. Only, this 1 was different, for it connected customers’ smartphones to their trays, & then let them text with their chicken crumby fingers without messing up their mobile devices.

Once the device & the tray got connected via Bluetooth, KFC hoggers didn’t have to touch their phones again for they could continue operating their phones via the Tray Typer. This flexible, wireless, 0.4 mm thick Tray can also be recharged by connecting a USB to the given port.

The newly designed Tray was a giveaway in new KFC stores. According to a post by Serviceplan on Wesbite Gute Werbung, the Tray Typer was handed out with every order during the opening week of new KFC restaurants. What was even better was that KFC customers who managed to lay their hands on this cool tray could also take ’em home. Geolocated social media discussions around  “the”KFC tray skyrocketed, & every single one of the smart paper trays was picked up in a jiffy. It’s not yet clear though whether KFC would continue giving out the Tray Typers in the coming days.

This isn’t the craziest electronic peripheral KFC has come up with,though. In September 2014, KFC in Japan had launched a keyboard, a mouse, & a USB stick combo, all in the shape of pieces of fried chicken.

Whatever. We bet the German customers of KFC went home & remarked – that was finger lickin’ good!



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