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These days, not only the structure & the layout of Websites are very important but also their download speeds. A slow Site switches off surfers, & can lead to loss of traffic.

‘’ promises to offer a quick solution to this. How? Well, simply by monitoring your Site. Webgazer checks if your Website is running as it should be, & notifies you if anything goes wrong.

About the tool

The idea to come up with such a tool, according to the makers, came from the existence of ‘self-need’. Having to maintain different Websites can be a daunting task for many, especially when something goes wrong & you have no idea about it.

What Webgazer does

Imagine this – you have an Online business that requires constant monitoring. What’s even worse, you don’t have the time to devote to the monitoring process. Webgazer helps you 100% with this. Real time Website monitoring basically is a check for your Online services to make sure that they are easily accessible to your customers & also users.

Webgazer helps you to be aware of any downtime with a swift notification through different means of communication from the email to some other integrated tools.

How it helps

Real time Website monitoring is not easy & with that in mind, no business can sustain 100% uptime. To illustrate this, take the case of Amazon which reportedly went down 20 times in 2016, costing it millions of dollars. Therefore, it is crucial to be prompt to react when a downtime happens.

Webgazer, according to the creators, will help you check your important systems frequently. In case of a downtime, the makers of the platform are not only promising to alert you but also enabling an immediate recovery operation.

Webgazer comes in 2 packages, free package & the “power” package. It is a product of Webgazer.Inc founded in the year 2017 and based in San Francisco, California.


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