Journos at MWC 2016 get 1st hand view of latest in mobile tech

mobilecongressgraphic1Hundreds of journalists previewed new mobile products for work, home & play at ShowStoppers, the press-only showcase event that took place on the eve of the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona, Spain.

Product introductions packed into the 9th annual edition of ShowStoppers @ MWC included phones & Tablet computers with built-in projectors, GPS trackers, super-fast home networking, digital marketplace platforms, mobile phones, infrared visual systems, movie-editing tools, fitness devices, a bracelet that provides emergency safety calls for women, portable fuel cells, a tooth brush that connects to real time guidance, hearing aids, doorbells & security cameras, wireless headsets & speakerphones, smartphone mounts to shoot movies, eye-tracking for smartphones & virtual reality headsets, among others.


“We accomplish more in three hours at ShowStoppers Mobile World Congress than we can in a month of PR effort. The international coverage at this event gets the Speedify application included in the most well-read stories coming out of MWC. It is invaluable to be face-to-face with the media that can move our business ahead,” said Alex Gizis, chief executive officer and co-founder, Connectify, the maker of Speedify.

“ShowStoppers was a great event for us to showcase our portable fuel cell charger, JAQ, to journalists from all over the world. JAQ is a brand new way of charging – completely independent from wall jacks & no last-minute stress because of low battery level – just insert a card, filled with water and salt, & your phone/tablet is set to go,” said My Ernevi, Marketing Manager, myFC.

The next ShowStoppers press events are:

ShowStoppers @ NAB, 17 Apr. 2016, Las Vegas — the fifth edition of the official press event for innovations in technology for the broadcast industry – 4K TVs, apps, asset management, cloud services, mobile TV, sound design and mixing, branded entertainment, and more.
The IFA Global Press Conference, 17-20 Apr. 2016, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China – a ShowStoppers exclusive, as producer of the official press event at IFA and a partner with IFA and Messe-Berlin. A unique opportunity for a select few companies to shake hands with 300 specially-invited business, consumer, consumer electronics, technology and lifestyle journalists from around the world.

Now in its 23rd year, ShowStoppers is the global leader in producing press & business events spanning the US, Europe & Asia. Each event organizes product introductions, sneak previews and demonstrations for selected journalists, bloggers, industry & financial analysts, venture capitalists & business executives. ShowStoppers produces events at CES, CTIA & Mobile World Congress, among others; the official press events at CE Week, IFA, & NAB; & partners with CES & CTIA.




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