An interactive drag & drop coloring tool – ‘Colordrop’

colordropWe all know color coding plays a vital role in designing any Website or a Web page. We also know that it would help designers a great deal if they could quickly change colors of draft Websites for better presentations to clients.

Coming to their aid is ‘Colordrop’, an interactive drag & drop coloring tool for that quick change of colors on the page. It is an experimental & licensed extension that works only on latest & advanced browsers that support transitions since it is based on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

For all non-supported browsers, the extension does nothing at all. So this is what you designers can use, if you want to save time & not make multiple slides to show your clients how the Website will look in different color combinations.

After installing the free extension available on Chrome Web Store, you simply drag a color from a palette & drop it on any area that lights up with a blue outline, including some text elements. However, these colors are not permanent & you cannot color customize any Website for a long time.  There is also an option of resetting the Web page to original by clicking on a white droplet icon at the bottom of the palette toolbar.

Colordrop is also available on the Web-based repository hosting service GitHub. It has been created by New Delhi, India-based software engineer Apoorv Saxena & was launched on May 6 last year.

You can get Colordrop here. Use it for a professional purpose or just for fun to add a little color to a dull looking page… who’s gonna stop ya?

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –

Image Credit: Colordrop
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