Increase your email ROI with startup ‘Pepipost’

pepipostlogo‘Cloud based transactional emailing solutions’ sounds like quite a mouthful, doesn’t it? What it means is simply engaging customers positively with your email Content, delivering emails on time, across differing platforms & with zero complexity required in coding. It’s like some kind of Superman takes over your emails and delivers them in less than a second to your target, safely & securely.

Well, there’s no need for Superman, stress the makers of this email analytic marketing platform. They point out that 85% of email currently is spam. So, ‘Pepipost’ almost certainly hits the spot by offering optimized email delivery with reliability, scalability & power for your business. Crafting an email which attracts the customer right away, leading him to read it and take the necessary action is a science in itself. In order for your email marketing technique to be competitive in today’s marketplace, automation is key. Pepipost allows you to streamline your communication & improve operational efficiency. Customers need pay only for emails that are not opened by their customers.

This is how:

  • Reliable APIs, both SMTP or HTTP – whichever suits you best
  • Integrate seamlessly in multiple platforms like WordPress, Zoomla
  • Best possible protocols in place to attack spam
  • You get to track your emails & mine user activity data
  • Multiple parameters like timeframe, email category, ISP, geography, device-type are used

Pepipost’s infrastructure is Cloud based, thus the infrastructure is scalable. This leaves you with reliability & you can concentrate on other stuff instead of worrying over maintaining in-house email systems. Ready-made plugins to WordPress, Magneto etc, are available so that your integration is a breeze. Under the free plan, startups can send upto 25,000 emails in a month. You pay only for the emails that are unopened, says the company. Pepipost estimates that you, as their customer will benefit by their aggressive strategy.

Founded in 2015, Pepipost is based in Mumbai, India. Dibya Sahoo, Co-founder, is bent on establishing Pepipost as an email marketing powerhouse. His team has experts in the email delivery chain, ranging from anti-spam, development, support to client management. The company has recently partnered with EmailMonks, a company which designs & codes emails (& newsletters etc).

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 
Image Credit: Pepipost
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