iGoStartup offers Online startup analysis & guidance tools

iGoStartup is an Online service that offers a set of startup tools & guidance for entrepreneurs to start their business.

The use of the iGoStartup questionnaires & calculators gives you a personalized report which will guide you through the necessary steps of starting your own business. The completely automated software can help you evaluate the viability of an idea, identify the pros & cons, & give you comparisons of your business against that of your competitors.

You can start with a free version or free pack that provides you access to certain startup tools for evaluation. It includes 4 questionnaires & checklists – before starting; starting a business – dealing with money, & your marketing strategy. You will be able to save & print your results too.

The paid versions begin with a Basic Startup Pack priced at €9.99 for 12 months. The more powerful Entrepreneur Personality Pack is priced at €49.90 per year. It has eleven different questionnaires which evaluate your personality in the business field.

This Entrepreneur Personality Pack is ideal for new entrepreneurs & those want to measure their capabilities as entrepreneurs. You will get a complete, accurate & informative outline about how capable an entrepreneur you could become.

You can compare your score in each skill category with other users of the Pack. For example, you can compare your organizational skills, planning skills, & whether you are an active listener. You can find out what type of decision maker you are, & what is the level of your time management skills.

You will also find out if you are able to identify entrepreneurial opportunities, & whether you have important qualities such as self-control, responsibility & the ability to take risks or accept change when required.

The tool will also provide useful suggestions & tips in order to improve yourself in certain entrepreneurial capabilities.

The iGoStartup startup tools were developed by Coventry, UK-based Online Management Solutions Ltd.


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