I am coming back, says co-founder of Content discovery Site StumbleUpon


Co-founder of Uber (& yes, he was also co-founder of Content discovery platform StumbleUpon), Garrett Camp has now said the latter was “ready for a change”, leading us to the larger question – will Online Content see some kind of “uberization” now.

In a post that he has written on Medium, Garrett has declared he was on way to “becoming the majority shareholder of StumbleUpon”, adding he would be taking over the platform in an advisory role.

Here’s what he has said:  I’m now finalizing the process of becoming the majority shareholder of StumbleUpon. In this role, I will be advising the management team on the best way to bring serendipitous discovery to a wider audience. Some difficult changes to the product and company will be needed, and these changes will take time. But I strongly believe that systems like StumbleUpon play an important role in helping people discover what matters most to them. I’m excited to work with the team on product once again, getting back-to-basics and improving recommendations, while exploring potential synergies between SU and Expa.

StumbleUpon, 1 of the oldest players in the field, has some interesting history. Of late, it reportedly has started laying off employees. Set up in 2001 by three people including Garrett (the others were Geoff Smith & Justin LaFrance), it had raised US $1.5 million as seed fund in 2015. After that, it was sold off to eBay in 2007 for US $75 million, & then, hold your breath, bought back for US $29 million 2 years later by Geoff & Garrett for US $29 million.

For those of you out there interested in knowing more about StumbleUpon, here an interesting article in Business Insider.

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