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mobile app onboardingThis stylish Site is meant to let mobile developers, marketers, project managers & designers showcase their wares & learn from the competition, draw inspiration from the best mobile apps out there & find solutions to their onboarding challenges (Onboarding def: …the process of initially explaining a new product to first-time users).

The magic powering HeyUsers’ curation Site is ‘Elasticode’, an instant deployment environment for apps. With Elasticode, app developers can quickly create & deliver personalized mobile experiences, with no need to code & no app store intervention. In fact, HeyUser is led by Shai Wolkomir, Co-founder of Elasticode & the other members of the Elasticode team.

In another publication Shai has said that after working with many app publishers the biggest question they faced was how to keep the user interested after their 1st experience with a particular app. It’s well known that there’s an average drop-off rate 25% after 1st use & around 80% within 3 days of install.

HeyUser aims at becoming an introduction product for mobile apps which seeks to end the frustration &/or confusion generated by the user’s first interaction with the app. This is done by curating hundreds of onboarding experiences that the professional can learn from, educating themselves in the varying strategies used by developers & designers. Many different approaches are presented, from plain walkthroughs to registration wizards.

Shai Wardomir goes on to say:

“Our first try was a screenshot timelapse, but it felt wrong & wasn’t enough when we tried to tell the actual story. So we moved to video, & we’re excited to share it with you.

We’ve uploaded the first 100 videos to start with, divided the apps into different categories & finally added different tags, indicating what can be found in each first-time user experience.

All videos are shareable, for you to use in your team’s internal discussions regarding the ways to optimize this process.”

If you want to try mobile app onboarding with the Elasticode approach, & maybe have your app featured in HeyUser, you really should give the free Elasticode Studio a try. It’s compatible with iOS & Android devices, & includes such features as animated transitions, a gallery of more than 10,000 different elements (gestures, arrows, icons…) & real-time collaboration. It also has advanced features that would normally require a lot of software engineering hours, like: add/remove screens & control of information flow, availability of dozens of templates, complete configurability of typography, actions, interactions, etc. & of course, there’s the ‘Moments’, the creation of app tours & tutorials.

The pricing is free for Elasticode Studio starter edition (upto 5,000 Displays/Month, upto 15,000 MAU, 2 app managers) but if you want unlimited apps, MAUS & manager Elasticode will charge you.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –  


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