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saving tweetsJeez, Content explosion. So much to read, so little time. There are scores of bookmarking Sites or services such as Pocket to save interesting Web pages or links for a read later. But now, someone has come up with the bright idea of even blocking interesting tweets with a link to an article or video which you don’t have the time to read or watch right now.

Introducing the @ReadLaterBot, a special twitter account that will create a special “Read Later” collection of tweets for you as you DM tweets to it.

Using @ReadLaterBot is easy:

Step 1: Follow @ReadLaterBot on Twitter
Step 1.5: Login with the bot (via DM) so it can do stuff for you
Step 2: DM tweets to it. That’s it

Writing on Medium, creator “Jazzy Chad” says: Sending tweets via DM is very easy. In the official Twitter app, just long-press a tweet in your timeline & choose ‘Send via Direct Message’, then fire it off to @ReadLaterBot. Likewise on the Website, just click the “…” button on any tweet & choose “Share via Direct Message.”

If you’re not using an official Twitter app, you can just copy the link to the tweet itself and DM it to @ReadLaterBot.

@ReadLaterBot takes advantage of a little-known feature of Twitter called “Collections” (it’s kind of like Lists for tweets) . So everything’s happening within Twitter itself, there are no 3rd party services or Sites involved, & the list of tweets you’re creating is also stored inside Twitter. (Note: Collections that @ReadLaterBot makes are public (just like your list of favs/likes), so anyone would be able to see your Read Later collection if they have the url.)

Chad likens @ReadLaterBot to services like Pocket or Instapaper, except it’s only for saving tweets & everything is kept within a Twitter account.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: @ReadLaterBot/Twitter




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