Here’s a free keywords ranking tracker


Online life today is all about keywords & even more keywords. The ultimate aim of every Site is to turn upon the front page of search engine results, & to stay there as long as possible in order to get traffic. This means a constant tweaking of keywords, too, to get organic traffic.

There’s a free SERP Tracker now being offered by FerraInsights to help you keep track of your Website’s keywords. This helps you track up to 300 keywords & up to 10 Websites, which these guys claim, is more than any free SERP tool. Using this Search Engine Results Page dashboard, users can also opt to receive coherent reports with up to date accurate analytics, thus enabling them to react on-time with daily analytics notifications.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review - 
Image Credit: FerraInsights



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