Here comes Layers – a new WP Site builder – Startup

WordPress (WP) & Responsive design – these are the 2 buzzwords around which Layers, a new WP Site builder, has been built. These days, if you are about to build a Website, it is imperative for you to make it workable on mobile computing devices like smartphones & Tablets, in addition to desktops. Even Google has now started showing up mobile-friendly Sites higher in its search results & rankings.

Layers has been designed with a brand new responsive framework that reacts to screensize & Content. This new WP Site builder dynamically adjusts the Site Content, meaning no spacing issues or out of balance page designs. Its Dynamic Typography helps give readers the right reading experience irrespective of the font used. A 1000 pixel grid is used as a baseline to ensure that the Content is always structured correctly to create balanced layouts. The team at Layers claims its framework was created ‘mobile first’ & then scaled up for Tablets & desktops.

Layers is activated as a WP theme & works directly in the latter’s Customizer. One of the biggest benefits of this is that even as you go about making design changes, it’s visible right there & then in your WP account. Besides the fact that this new WP Page Site Builder is free, it also offers what it calls a test Site for 3 days to experiment around. You can take it for a test drive & if you like what you see, get a full-time account. For free.

The new WP Site builder comes with the entire range of things – from child themes to extensions. Another plus point about Layer is that it allows the integration of WooCommerce, 1 of the popular eCommerce platform. So if you are making an e-com Site, this could just work for you.

Layers is also Open Source & copyrighted to South Africa’s Obox Themes.

Image Credit: Layers
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