‘Hans’ is a research tool that generates feedback from your target market – Bot

‘Hans’, which stands for ‘Helpful Automated Nexus System’, is an intelligent research tool which works like a bot, built on top of Facebook Messenger. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to conduct a 1- on – 1 conversation, with a promise of getting you constructive feedback & help “discover valuable feedback within conversations.”

To get started with Hans, 1st create a room & give it a unique name, starting with a hashtag (#). Then create a catchy message to welcome your 1st time followers & pick an image representing your room’s topic.

After your room’s done, create a campaign by assigning a photo & a series of questions with possible answers (a poll), invite an audience & let it go live on your Messenger account. Your followers will interact with the questions & get rewards in the form of hearts, & you’ll get feedback from them.

Unlike other more traditional market research tools, Hans conducts 1 on 1 “focus groups” to get constructive feedback, so that you not only get feedback from the most outgoing, extroverted members of you audience, but from introverts as well. This way you’ll get “an edge in a crowded marketplace.”

Hans was developed by Los Angeles, California, USA-based startup Brainitch Solutions LLC, by a team that includes Todd Terrazas, Sean Dixon & Rafael Delerna. It recently celebrated its 1st year, & is already at version 1.8.1.

Todd Terrazas, the CEO, also bills himself as inventor, creative technologist & bot expert. He also has a cinematic arts background, with a degree from the University of California School of Cinematic Arts, which he says is a “dangerous mix”, & his experience developing bot nets on IRC was a great asset for the development of Hans.

Click here  to download Hans on your iOS device.  

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 

Image Credit: Hans 


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