Google to start delivering fast loading Content from publishers on mobile early next year

rsz_googlenewlogo (2)Google has said it would be debuting its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project early next year. AMP, launched for tech preview this October, is aimed at hosting & delivering fast-loading Content from well-known publishers on to mobile devices.

Google said in a blog post that in the 6 weeks since its announcement, over 4,500 developers had begun following the open-source AMP project on GitHub. The code repository has also seen 250 pull requests in this time, along with user-driven discussions about new features.

AMP is a framework focused on building lightweight pages, which can optionally work in tandem with Google’s caching infrastructure around the globe to provide those pages much faster to mobile devices.

The project, which launched its technical preview in October, has already got support from publishers like BBC, The Economist, BuzzFeed & The Guardian,among others.

The post further said:

Ensuring that traffic to AMP articles is counted just like current web articles is also a major focus of the project. comScore, Adobe Analytics, and Chartbeat have all stated that they intend to provide analytics for AMP pages within their tools. They have since been joined by many others: Nielsen, ClickTale and Google Analytics. This development is significant for the AMP Project because publishers developing for AMP will not skip a beat in terms of analytics and measurement — analytics for AMP are real time and will work within your existing provider.

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