Google search introduces bookmarking feature on iOS & Android

googlesearchiosGoogle search users in the US using iOS or Android devices will now be able to bookmark images that they come across in mobile search in order to find them again later.

The move obviously is to solve the problem of users having to screenshot or download images directly to their smartphone’s storage. Explained an announcement on the official Google search blog:

Let’s say you’re searching for “bob hairstyles” on Google and an image catches your eye. Simply select it and tap the star. Next time you’re at the stylist, you can easily access the picture without having to dig around or do another search. Once you’ve starred a few images, you can keep them organized in folders: to add an image to a folder of similar items, tap the pencil shaped edit icon. Create a grouping such as “haircuts for the winter” or “snowman ideas” and your image will be added to a folder with similar ones.

Image Credit: Google blog




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