Google Analytics tool Quicklytics is the Most Useful Startup of the Month – Nov 2015

mostusefulstartuplogoLets face it. There are some things that Google does which confounds most of us. That’s why our Edit team liked this new app called Quicklytics.

Quicklytics is a Google Analytics tool in the form of an iOS app that makes it fast & easy for users to check multiple Google Analytics accounts.

Using this tool, you can check your visitor stats for multiple Websites in a matter of seconds, not minutes. It automatically works across both the iPad & iPhone, so you don’t have to buy separate apps for each device.

Since tracking the number of visitors to your Website & their quality is of paramount importance, we felt this new app could really turn out to be a handy analytical tool in the long run, & so decided to name it the ‘Most Useful Startup’ for Nov 2015.

Our congratulations to Team Quicklytics.

Click here to read up on Quicklytics.




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