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Dallas, Aug 3, 2015, PRNewswire-iReach: Globe Runner, a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas, has launched Verified Domains (, the first-ever service that provides comprehensive background checks and due diligence on domain names.

Internet domain names are considered to be virtual real estate. In the domain name aftermarket, domain names sell from $100 to several million dollars.

Domain names bought for as little as $10 can be considered high-value: The domain name will be a business’ home on the web. A lot of investment in time and marketing will be spent. It will be used for email. It will be a business’ public-facing website address.

The average domain buyer seldom knows that domain names may have had several owners. On occasion, domain names may have been used in the past for questionable purposes, such as distributing spam or housing objectionable or even illegal content.

Other problems troubled domains have that potential buyers don’t necessarily see up front:

  • Being banned by search engines causes search engine visibility issues
  • Bad, spam or unnatural links pointing to it causes unwanted traffic to the site, maybe even causing bots to fill out online forms with spam
  • Presence on email blacklists results in email not being delivered to recipients
  • UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) disputes
  • Trademark issues
  • Fake traffic

Each of these issues causes headaches and problems if they’re not cleaned up. It can cost a business thousands of dollars to hire a qualified search engine optimization (SEO) company to get bans revoked by the search engines.

Verified Domains uses a manual review process to review up to 45 different data points that could affect a domain name. The patent-pending service also comes with a buy-back guarantee, up to $50,000 per domain name.

If a domain name is given a clean bill of health by Verified Domains and a problem is found with the domain name within a certain period of time, Verified Domains will fix the problem or buy the domain name.

Bill Hartzer, Globe Runner’s Senior Strategist who created the service, had the following to say about Verified Domains:

“Having been in the website marketing industry for over 20 years, I have seen plenty of domain names used for all sorts of purposes, good and bad. Unfortunately, even some of the best domain names have been used and abused in the past by internet spammers and scammers.”

“Verified Domains provides peace of mind and minimizes your risk when you buy a domain name. When we’ve verified the domain name, that means that the domain name is clean and ready for commerce on the web.”

More information about the service can be found on the web at https://Verified.Domains. Globe Runner’s services and solutions can be found at




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