GitHub launches templates for project pull requests, new issues

Web-based Git repository hosting service GitHub has announced the availability of templates that users can add to forms for new issues & pull requests. This, say some,could result in better discussion among GitHub users.

Here’s what was announced on its official blog:

Now project maintainers can add templates for Issues and Pull Requests to projects, helping contributors add the right details at the start of a thread. This is the first of many improvements to Issues and Pull Requests that we’re working on based on feedback from the community.


To add an Issue template to a repository create a file called ISSUE_TEMPLATE in the root directory. A file extension is optional, but Markdown files (.md) are supported. Markdown support makes it easy to add things like headings, links, @-mentions, and task lists to your templates.

Pull Request templates follows the same pattern: add a file called PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE to the root directory of your repository.




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