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Well, it’s everyone’s urge to make a clear & effective video to help tell one’s story, but it’s not always easy to make the message come across clearly in the video. This next startup will help you do just that. How To Make A Startup Video is a platform whose aim is to inspire as well as inform you on how to make awesome videos on your own.

Tips to follow in How To Make A Startup Video

To solve the challenge, How To Make A Startup video has included some tips which will make it a bit easier to make your start up video. They include;

i. Prep and planning

Write up a list of concepts & story points, & decide on your characters & their purpose in your story.Using this list construct a rough story outline to explain your message & come up with a list of shooting locations.

ii. Shot list

List shots you’ll be filming during your shoot & ensure they’re well prepared to save on time.

iii. Make a schedule

List the dates & times for the different shoots & name of the people that need to be present for each event.

iv. Interviews

Before the actual interview where one extracts a message from each interview you conduct, it’s helpful to carry out a pre-interview with your interviewee so as to keep everyone in sync with what the story is about.

v. Day of the shoot

On the day of the video shoot, you need to arrive earlier to prepare and setup.

vi. Story, story

This is another important tip. Well, give your video a beginning, middle, and end. More so, ensure you give it a purpose & clearly communicate to the viewers.

vii. Editing

If you are shooting a promotional piece, keep it short to ensure it doesn’t become a documentary. In addition, for professional editing, you require tools like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere.

Drew Wilson has developed this platform under Plasso which is an Online tool that allows you to sell & accept payments. It is headquartered in California, USA.


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