Get those swear words out of your social media accounts using AI

smartmoderationSmart Moderation levers artificial intelligence (AI) tech to parse social media risks, protecting your & your company’s Facebook & Instagram profiles. The service protects you by cleaning inappropriate content such as bad words, ads, spam & trolls in a multitude of languages.

This Web-based service isn’t just a keyword based spam filter, its AI foundation means it understands words sort of like a human being does, analyzing the meanings of sentences automatically, rather than checking against a keyword list like Facebook does.  The best way to explain is by citing the example the company has in its FAQ:

“if the word “f**k” is pre-defined in your keyword list, & if someone writes “f**ck you”, “fu**k you”, “f.*.*. k you” or something similar on your Facebook page, unfortunately it is going to be published. You have to define all possible versions of these words which is a time-consuming task. What are you going to do about “f**king awesome” ☺ ?

Also, Smart Moderation understands Ads (you knew that already ☺, some people like to post on your page without your consent) which is very difficult to catch with those Facebook filters.”

Smart Moderation’s text analytics tech is based on a proprietary self-learning intelligence engine, which gets a 91% accuracy rate, which is very high for these types of algorithms. The engine actually uses machine learning & the  company also has a dedicated team of trainers, which means that the accuracy rates continuously get better as the usage of the system increases.

You can also train the intelligence engine yourself by marking Content as inappropriate or OK depending on your personal criteria. The platform then has your mindset in social networks internalized & works for you like a human assistant. Then, the Smart Moderation engine monitors your social networks in real-time & delivers notifications to you in less than 1 minute.

The platform has an ‘Auto-Hide’ feature that hides inapproprite Content automatically for you, or you can use manual moderation. At this time Auto-Hide only works on Facebook pages.

The company was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014 & has a number of pricing options. If you’re a casual Social network dabbler, with just 1 profile & 1,000 followers or less, the service is free. You get an unlimited volume threshold, standard email support & monthly reporting. For $US 9/month you get up to 10,000 & 3 profiles. If your needs are greater, US$ 49/month gives you 100,000 followers & daily/weekly reporting. Finally, for rock-star level needs (the example they give on their web-site is for Taylor Swift), you pay US$ 199, & get unlimited followers, 10 profiles & priority email support.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 
Image Credit: Smart Moderation




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