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Starting a Website is the culmination of months of effort, perhaps years of research on a business idea, related topics, revenue model, etc. However, like any Website owner, 1 soon realizes that all this planning becomes irrelevant if the Site design isn’t taken into consideration. Human beings thrive on visuals, & if the Website doesn’t have the right design then people won’t find it appealing, no matter how good the content or utilitarian the platform is.

DesignMunk is an Online platform that is home to Websites that are of premier design in their niche. It’s a homepage inspiration blog that curates Websites from all over the world. More specifically, it is a repository for landing pages from where one can take inspiration & make their own unique design.

The secret to creativity is to hide your sources – Albert Einstein

The above quote is a hint that even Einstein may have sought for inspiration in the work of his peers. It must be stressed that DesignMunk is not a platform for blatant plagiarism but aims to help designers have a curated list of the various designs that are considered note-worthy. Approximately 4 Websites are added to the list every day.

Every Website design that is put up has a title in red & notes at the bottom. The title is nothing but the niche, it allows users to figure out which Website design they need to derive inspiration from. An e-commerce platform can’t have the same theme of a Digital Marketing agency after all.

The notes get into the nuances of the various features one can incorporate into a Website. No Online business can hope to be successful & at times, thrive without the help of Online tools. While many know the big names such as Shopify for e-commerce & Wix as Content Management System (CMS), there are many Online tools out there that can help people with Online platforms develop their business, customers, engagement, & awareness.

Thus, DesignMunk gives Website owners awareness of some of the other platforms that they can choose from.For example, Shopolo is an e-commerce platform that has similar functions to Shopify. However, the pricing is pocket-friendly when compared to Shopify. This would definitely open up an avenue for someone who was unwilling to make the plunge due to budgeting.

Another reason why the notes are helpful is that many first-time Website owners aren’t aware of the latest tools available that can help them succeed in their business. Imagine a platform that sells digital services. While the service is good, it requires consistent customer interaction. Someone on DesignMunk may spot “Chatwoot” which is perfect for such a situation. There is an element of uncertainty because someone who knows what they want may not find what they were looking for. This is precisely why the website is more about inspiration. You never know what will inspire you next.

DesignMunk is curated by Mohammed Tajim who is a native of Nepal. He’s a developer & a movie buff.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –  


Image Credit: DesignMunk

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