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The ‘WordPress Stash’ is a curated directory which features best WordPress resources. The USP of WordPress Stash is its flexibility. It provides an atmosphere where WordPress users can share working resources.

The WordPress Stash has a number of features which users can find quite handy.

Here are some:

Post Status
This is a resource on WordPress Stash which allows users to get new & other information related to WordPress.

You can also get WordPress Redirection on WordPress Stash. The Redirection is a plugin for WordPress which manages 301 redirections. It also keeps track of 404 errors. You will find Redirection quite resourceful when looking to clean up any loose ends on your site.

Regenerate Thumbnail
This is another resource you will come across on Stash. The Regenerate Thumbnail enables the regeneration of thumbnails for the attachment of images. This resource is especially useful if you happen to have changed the dimensions for thumbnail through settings & media.

Therefore, you can regenerate  thumbnails for single image uploads, all the image uploads or for specific multiple uploads.

WP Help
The WP Help is an awesome resource that permits Site operators to create a detailed & hierarchical documentation to be used by the authors, contributors & editors. This resource is powered by Custom Post Types. For customized clients, this tool is quite resourceful.

The Disable comment plugin
On WordPress Stash, there is a plugin which allows you to disable comments globally as an administrator. In addition, other users may not override the settings for any individual posts. However, you can use the Disable Comment to remove fields related to comments from the quick-edit screens.

Kwadwo Adu from Denmark developed WordPress Stash. The startup was launched in Jan 2017.


- This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review -  
Image Credit: WordPress Stash 


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