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Want to download an ebook? Subscribe to a newsletter? Sign up for those coupons? But the sticking point often is that you have to give up your email privacy, right? There are spammers watching from the wings, waiting for a chance to misuse your information. You need to sign in with your email address & hey presto, spammers are rolling their eyes with glee. Your Inbox is flooded with spam soon enough. Studies have proved that it is cheaper to send these emails by bulk, so the spammers just go to work when they have a legitimate email address. Later, they sell your email address to other marketers. Temporary emails are the answer.

This is an option to have your ebook or coupon, & also to withhold your ‘real’ email ID. You can outwit the spammers by using a temporary email ID. A free & fast email just for such times is available from ‘Emailondeck’. So spammers, bye bye.

Of course, this isn’t the only 1 on the market. So how is this startup’s product different? The developers point out that it’s no big deal for Websites to recognize that an email address is temporary in nature. Then they often prevent you from signing up for the service. Emailondeck doesn’t crack open quite so easily, though. Therefore the Website does not know that your address is temporary, while your ‘real’ email address is secure. Thumbs up for privacy. Plus, you don’t use the same email ID for your banking needs, and app or coupon downloads.

This is what Emailondeck offers:

  • Free download
  • Spam prevention
  • Creation of temporary emails in 2 steps
  • Emails securely deleted
  • No registration required

You cannot send any emails from this ID simply because it isn’t an email platform as such. It exists mainly to prevent spam. Your privacy is guaranteed because the servers wipe out all IDs periodically, that is, within a single day. The main reason Emailondeck endures is to provide you with a temporary ID. Your privacy is thus secured, using this temporary email.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 
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