This service LeadzGen helps generate promising B2B leads


You want to find out who your Website visitors are, & then nudge them towards buying from your Site? LeadzGen promises a “Cloud based solution” that does just that.

Due to growth in Online & social media techniques, lead generation has evolved into an art form almost. LeadzGen, with over 20K users, claims that if you use it for 6 months, it can hit up to a 300% increase in your B2B leads, so sales are bound to go north.

Some research has shown that only 2% of Website visitors actually follow through to the sales(finish) line. LeadzGen claims to target the 98%. Leads are used for drumming up business in the form of active consumer interest in products & services. So when a visitor comes to your Website, she/he is interested, yes, but how can the next crucial steps be taken? That is, how can this interest be translated into a sale. It’s about closing the deal & this is where LeadzGen comes in. Details include collecting the visitor’s name & title, company, duration of visit, what products & services they were looking at & their complete contact details.

There is a free 90-day trial. If the user is satisfied, he/she can then enroll for the introductory price. The Dubai-based marketing intelligence company aims to convert leads into actual sales through engaging in lead identification, tracking, sales intelligence, conversion tracking & lead management. It specifies that no software needs to be installed & no regular updates are required. A tracking code needs to be added into the Website for it to start working.

LeadzGen as a user-friendly lead generation tool is different from Google Analytics in that it is designed to aid the sales force pinpoint solid leads. Since it has a cookie-based tracking model, it allows for specifics about who the Website visitor is, & the contact details. A user specified that is specially useful for small & medium sized businesses & recommended registering for the trial version to understand its operation.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -
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