File transfer service ‘WeTransfer’ has a premium version

Online file transfer‘WeTransfer’ is a service that allows you to transfer files, including photos & videos around the world at no cost.

With WeTransfer you need not sign up. Further, it allows you to send the Content free of charge up to a limit of 10 GB. This service also provides the option of signing up to their WeTransfer Plus option. This allows you to send up to 20GB at a time, store up to 100GB as well as protect your files with a password. In addition, you can personalize the platform to your liking. i.e. choose your background images & URL.

WeTransfer’s user interface contains full-screen backgrounds. According to the developers, these are adverts that the tool sends to brands around the world.

When sending files using your mobile device, WeTransfer has made transferring photos & videos in your album & camera roll easy. It allows you to drag the grid down & select a different album. You can then double tap to select multiple items. To view files in previous months just double swipe to scroll between months.

WeTransfer allows you to preview photos & videos before you can transfer them. You just tap & hold a photo or video for preview. Furthermore, it will enable you to pause & resume your transfers at will with a click. Also, WeTransfer is available for your Mac. The Mac app appears in your menu bar. To upload files, you drag & drop them on the app icon which generates a download link that you can share with anyone.

This service has been around since 2009. WeTransfer’s team is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands as well as Los Angeles, USA. Its founders are Nalden, Rinke Visser, & Bas Beerens who is also the CEO.

Click here to download WeTransfer on your iOS device.

Click here to downloadWeTransfer on your Android device.


- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 

Image Credit: WeTransfer




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