‘FreedomPop’ now gives you free unlimited WhatsApp access in US + 30 countries


Having a good data plan nowadays is an absolute necessity as just about everyone uses a smartphone day in, day out, & on a continuous basis. ‘FreedomPop’ has been taking on the major carriers by offering free basic mobile voice & data plans worldwide for a while & is now sweetening the deal by launching its “100% free Talk, Text, Data + WhatsApp” plan .

Facebook’s WhatsApp is probably the biggest messaging app worldwide with more than 1 billion monthly active users & it relies on mobile data to do its stuff. While text is not a big data hog, the pics & videos that are often attached can definitely rake up the GBs really quick. So FreedomPop’s foray into giving 0-rating access (i.e. the data consumed by WhatsApp does not tally up) as it seeks to draw more users, makes a lot of sense.

FreedomPop is deploying this deal in the US market, where it’s trying to take on the big carriers & ISPs, as well in the more than 30 countries where it’s already offering its free SIMM plans especially in Southeast Asia & Europe. The free unlimited WhatsApp access is being added on to their current offer of 200 MB free data, 100 free texts & 100 voice minutes. They also offer paid plans starting at US $10 per month if you want more data & voice minutes.

In FreedomPop’s website  you can check out if the service is available where you live, or where you’re roaming to, & they’ve already stated that the service can be used while traveling all over those 30+ countries, which guarantees users data coverage & messaging services for their smartphones in the biggest world markets as well as in a good number of developing countries.

The company was founded in 2012 & is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, & besides offering SIMM-based phone communications services, it also offers innovative social sharing that allows users to take data across accounts, devices & other digital services. It’s also offering free 4G mobile phone service & free home broadband in certain markets.

Image Credit: FreedomPop




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