Free version of plyfe interactive cards launched


New & new methods of increasing Website traffic & interactivity are coming Online with each passing day. Plyfe is 1 such. The company has now announced a free offering which is a widget-like “Web card” that can be designed without any knowledge of coding at all & then be embedded on any Online platform including your Site.

For the last year or so, plyfe has been focusing on enterprises with this Web card product. It’s clients include biggies such as IBM & Toyota. It now offers the same product as a free version, along with a US $100 per month subscription counterpart aimed at small & medium-sized businesses.

Like we said earlier, plyfe offers users a platform to create interactive cards for free. Using these cards, you can engage, understand & convert audiences. The catalogue of interactive cards include a “swipe left/right” tool, which it has described as “Tinder for everything;” a trivia quiz builder, a timed trivia quiz, a scoreboard for displaying user rankings, image & video-based polls, a photo gallery, & a photo carousel. The company releases 2 new types of cards every month.

Users can start off by registering, then selecting a card size. Once that is done, they can start inputing text, images or video on the card. A preview column is available to see the exact result of your experimentation. Once a user is satisfied with the final product, he/she can publish it on a Website or a blog or any of the social channels.

In addition to the widget building tools, plyfe also offers real time reports for tracking how your widgets are doing.

Plyfe boasts that its widgets can have a significant effect on Web marketing strategies, increasing conversion rates, engagement, & time spent on Site. Plyfe was founded in 2012, & to date has reportedly raised US $4 million in funds.

Image Credit: plyfe




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