Free up your Mac’s hard drive space with ‘Disk Diag’

Are you struggling with a full hard drive on your Mac? Or are you always facing the hassle of finding the files which are clogging up your hard drive? ‘Disk Diag’ is a Mac OS tool that helps in cleaning out your disc space in a few clicks. This tool instantly scans & discovers what files are taking up space on your disk. It is a 1 window utility which shows you a smart gauge of data usage at the top & a file list underneath it.

How Disc Diag works

Disk Diag works by searching file types in your drive. That is caches, logs, browser data, trash, mail downloads & large files. To filter out this search, it allows you to turn each one of these on & off by clicking on the blue stripes. Each item has a line that on clicking shows a text box & a search box. The text box gives you a brief explanation while the search box takes you to the folder which has the files.

By moving the mouse over Disk Diag’s smart gauge, it shows you how much space your hard drive has. In addition, it shows how much of the space is removable & how much free space is available. Disc Diag allows you to erase items in the trash & clean your browser data for selected browsers. If you want to delete large files, you just need to activate the large files selection. Here Disk Diag comes up with a dialogue which allows you to check boxes to indicate the files you want to delete. However, it is important to note that for the downloads selection upon activating deletion it adds the whole folder content. Therefore, it is important to check your downloads & mail downloads folder before using the tool.

According to its developers, Rocky Sandy Studio, the only way to recover a file that has been deleted is only through restoring your Mac’s backup. Therefore, you should always create a backup before deletion using Disk Diag. This tool was last updated in July 2015. For compatibility, it requires your Mac to have a 64-bit processor & run on OS X 10.7 or later. The app costs $2.99 on Mac App Store.

Click here to download on Mac App Store.


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