Free & secure browser ‘Brave’ is Most Useful Startup of the Month – Jan 2016

mostusefulstartuplogoFrom the scores of startups & smartphone apps that What’s New On The Net reported on in January 2016, our editorial team zeroed in on this new browser called, ‘ Brave’ for the coveted title of, Most Useful Startup of the Month.

Although in its early development phase, Brave was selected as it claims to speed up browsing greatly by blocking tracking mechanisms & ads & replacing them with anonymous ads. The new browser was recently released by the creator of JavaScript & Mozilla cofounder Brendan Eich & his new startup.  curated by ‘Brave’.

The browser is based on the open source version of Chrome: Chromium (with some Webkit, Mozilla, Electron & Microsoft code), but unlike this traditional browser tech, Brave’s obsessive focus is on speed & privacy.

So, our congratulations to the folks at Brave.

Click here to read up on this new browser.




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