A free app that converts YouTube videos for offline viewing & listening


With just 1 click, Softorino YouTube Converter allows a user on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Mac, to download YouTube Content so that it can be enjoyed at a later, more convenient time.  In this way you can watch your videos or listen to MP3 versions of them, even if there is no internet connection. An added bonus is that the offline versions of the media skips over annoying ads.

The app is free & available for the Apple Macintosh, so you do the conversion in a Mac & transfer the media over USB to an iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) without needing to use iTunes.  The media is converted to native Apple formats & is then playable using the native apps on the mobile devices.  A future version of the app is planned for the MS Window platform & support will be added for transfers over WiFi.

It can be frustrating to have to watch through ads before getting to the good bits in YouTube videos. Softorino YouTube Converter takes care of stripping the ads out for you & lets you reset video resolution, all the way from an original HD format to compressed native Apple MP4 video Alternatively you can convert to MP3 audio, if what you want is to create audio tracks from the captured YouTube music videos.

Once downloaded, the video or audio tracks play flawlessly, without the buffering problems commonly encountered when streaming from YouTube, especially when using flaky or saturated 3G-4G data connections.  Data plan limits can quickly be maxed out if you stream a lotta bit-hungry video content. The idea here is to download Content when you have access to a WiFi connection & leave it on your mobile device for later consumption.

The app is also able to download premium Content from the new YouTube Red for-pay service for free. Softorino claims that its technology is completely legal & is better & faster than the Google alternatives.

Softorino was founded in 2011 & is made up of a team of European developers, designers & managers.  They have developed a number of free & for-pay utilities for both Mac & PC environments & later for iOS. Their best known app is WALTR, which was an inspiration for creating the YouTube converter app. WALTR is available for Mac & PC & transfers practically any format of video, audio & ringtones to an iOS device without needing iTunes.

Click here to download Softorino YouTube Converter for your Apple Mac.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Softorino 
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