Follow users through the Meerkat app

meerkatfollowVideo streaming app Meerkat has said its users can now seach for like-minded people or even invite them to follow, but in a slightly roundabout manner.

It announced via a tweet that while it was not possible to do so directly within the Meerkat app, here’s how it can be done: when users see the “Stream over” page when a ‘live’ stream is over, that’s where they can ask others to follow them.

Users can create the link to invite other people to follow them by using the domain & adding their Twitter handle. This can be shared on any of the social media pages where users can click on the image to follow. These users will then receive notifications of your ‘live’ streams through the app on their phones.

Recently, we reported on the arrival of the fast-becoming-popular app Meerkat to Google Play, albeit unofficially. You can use this to watch streams from links on Twitter. Named after a creature found in Africa, the Meerkat app is a ‘live’ video streaming app that works through your Twitter account. The idea is to give Twitter users a 1 button push to stream video over Twitter.
Image Credit: Twitter/Meerkat
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