‘Fam’ lets you group video chat inside iMessage while you…well, play games – New app

It can get pretty boring participating in a video chat. Some people take over & do all the talking while others just hang out & look at the other participants. Now ‘Fam’ lets you use your regular iMessage iPhone app to chat with unlimited friend at once & participate in interactive social elements like games.

Fam wants to take ‘live’ video communication with friends & family to a whole new level by making it actually fun & engaging. This app was released in December of 2016 by Boston, USA-based Smack Inc, & has been growing in popularity by leaps & bounds.

It has gained a large audience mainly due to its ease of use & how simple it is to get started with it. The version of iMessage released by Apple last year has allowed developers like Smack to release apps that run directly from within iMessage, which every iPhone & iPad user already has built-in to the OS.

This means that all your friends are just a click away from being able to use Fam. You just send them an invite from within iMessage, your friend then clicks an icon & the app is instantly installed on their device.

Fam’s success has also come with a price, since all the video streamed between users has racked up a large bill for the company, which has has to resort to asking for a large amount of venture capital (which it has gotten).

In fact Smack is having a rather difficult time monetizing this free app & is kicking ideas around like introducing ads or getting sponsors to pay for group watching of movie trailers & other content.

These guys are also considering developing an Android version of the app to get into the massive Android market. Currently there’s a free iOS app available on Apple’s App store.

Click here  to download Fam on your iOS device.

Here’s how it works:

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