Facebook’s dabbling in the ‘Buy’ button again

Facebook is once again experimenting with allowing vendors to sell things on the social network llike it did way back in 2011. 
According to Online reports, FB is letting certain stores sell their products directly through the social network via a “buy” button on their Pages.
A few days ago, we had reported how FB was planning to introduce a Siri-like virtual assistant, Moneypenny. Although Facebook’s just testing its so-called “shop section,” the move makes sense, given its recent introduction of peer-to-peer payments capabilities, new ways to let stores communicate with people via messages, and its increasing dedication to keeping people within the Facebook ecosystem as much as possible.

Facebook Takes Big Step Forward On Commerce, Builds Shops Into Pages – BuzzFeed

July 15, 2015

Facebook wants to be more than a place to socialize, share, and discover content. It wants you to shop inside it as well.
The company is building out shops within Facebook Pages, essentially mini e-commerce sites that give businesses a chance to set up second homes within its walls. The shops are still in the testing phase, but some already feature “buy” buttons that allow the entire shopping experience to occur within Facebook — from product discovery to checkout….

Facebook Adds Buy Button Integration As It Continues To Reinvent Pages – TechCrunch

http://news.google.com Jul 16, 2015

The newsfeed has dominated how users have absorbed information from businesses on Facebook for the past decade. Now, it seems the company is ready to revitalize …


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Facebook wants you to shop inside its store pages – Engadget 

http://news.google.com Jul 16, 2015

Here’s a mystery: if Facebook is bending over backwards to give stores more power, why can’t you shop those stores? Facebook doesn’t think that makes sense, either. According …


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Facebook’s “Moneypenny” assistant is all about shopping – SlashGear

http://news.google.com Jul 14, 2015 

It seems that Facebook has been rumored to be working on several products to seemingly directly compete with existing services, like the music streaming service that Facebook has …


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