Experience your Mac in virtual reality with ‘VR Desktop’

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If you’re an Apple enthusiast your VR options are quite limited. Uptil now you’d need a Windows computer or Android device tethered to an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset, or a dedicated gaming device like a PlayStation VR rig. With the availability of the VR Desktop app, macOS users can join in the fun & use the Oculus Rift to interact with a VR version of the OS.

The VR Desktop environment gives a user the impression that he’s sitting in front of a giant interactive 3D display, through which he’s granted access to typical OS functions. With it you can get rid of your physical monitor & create a giant multi-monitor, multiscreen workspace that lets you use your macOS & 3rd party apps seamlessly.

Within the VR environment you can play games or watch video Content. You can watch movies in a simulated grand cinema or play your games in a giant curved screen hanging in space.

The functionality provided by the app allows you to customize your computing environment to a much greater extent to what is possible in a typical screen-based scenario. You can choose different backgrounds to help you focus better, have your display surround you in up to 3 different portions, which can be resized.

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