‘Most Exclusive Website’ drives Internet users nuts

Most Exclusive Website

At any given time, the citizens of the Web, or Netizens, are frothing over something that’s usually very silly & pointless. Things like escaped llamas, the color of a dress &…now, the Most Exclusive Website.

This Site, created by James Foley, has been up since March but only recently became an Internet sensation & the posterchild for the silliness that pervades the Web.

The idea is that only 1 person can access the Site at a time, & that, too, for 1 minute only. It’s like a chef trying to create a perception of exclusivity by limiting seating space at a restaurant so that people are standing in line outside & everyone else thinks they have to get in on the action too.

Well, more than half a million have taken a ticket & waited for hours & hours trying to get a minute of access to mostexclusivewebsite.com. As of now, people visiting the site have spent a total of nearly 42 years waiting to be “exclusive.”

You take a ticket, & wait until your number gets its sole minute of exclusive access. So what’d you see inside?

Well, let’s just say that you will get to leave behind proof of your “incredible achievement”, maybe paience, even? It’s as satisfying as standing in line the whole night at the Apple Store to be one of the first to buy the latest iPhone. But at least there, you have something concrete in your hands.

The Site is trending on Twitter (#MostExclusiveWebsite) & generating a lot of comments about the hypnotic draw of the Site while knowing how futile it is. Here’s one example – “15 hours after waiting in line on the #MostExclusiveWebsite & I feel like I bought an iPhone & dropped it on its face outside the iStore.”

Most Exclusive Website was created by Columbus, OH-based Justin Foley, owner of Web & mobile app development firm Modern Web.

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