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email hunter

Email Hunter is a Web tool & Chrome browser plugin that helps you find email addresses for specific domains.

The concept & use of the tool is simple, & exceedingly useful, too. You simply type in the domain name as a search query & it will show you the emails associated with that domain.

There’s also a Chrome browser plugin that is even easier to use. Simply select the domain name in your browser & a single click will show you the list of emails associated with that domain.

So exactly how does it work? This tool to find emails for a domain was developed by French company Firmapi, whose core product was an API that allowed you to access information about a huge number of French companies.

Similarly, the Email Hunter tool collects, scores & provides you with access to emails from more 150 million records that are publicly listed. When you type in or select the domain, the tool checks its records for mentions of emails on other sites. So if you type in, the first email that pops up is tool also shows the list of sources or websites which reference this email.

This is just the basic functionality. You can search by generic (admin, jobs, etc.) emails or use the filter to get only personal email addresses. Other features include a LinkedIn button that guesses email addresses by combining LinkedIn profile data with the domain name (example: & displays a confidence score that indicates how accurate the address might be.

The basic version of Email Hunter is free for up to 200 queries per month. For US $49 per month, you can sign up for a Starter package that allows 3,000 queries & offers premium features such as CSV exports. There are also larger packages for up to 10,000 queries ($99/month) & 50,000 queries ($199/month).

The Email Hunter Web tool & chrome browser plugin was developed by Villeurbanne, France-based Firmapi SARL that was founded in April 2014 by Francois Grante & Antoine Finkelstein.

You can access Email Hunter on the website &/or use the Chrome plugin.

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