App Hop will change the way you deal with email on mobile devices – New app

Most of us have started managing emails on our mobile devices. But if you have multiple accounts, handling emails can get to be cumbersome sometimes. To simplify this, a new app called Hop offers to run emails “at the speed of instant messages.” Hop claims to reduce emails to the level of chats.

When you “Hop”, threads turn into back & forth, real time conversations without all the old-school subject lines, signatures & faux-letter formality. What is more, Hop also offers a simple way to create Groups for sharing & conversation-tracking. In seconds, you, your friends & colleagues can kick off a discussion that anyone can easily follow.

Anyone with email can effortlessly “Hop” into the discussion, no installation, sign up, or login required.

Anyone with email can effortlessly Hop into the discussion, no installation, sign up, or login required. Because it’s really just email, everyone can participate.

What is Hop’s USP is that there is just no Inbox so there’s no question of Inbox management. That’s because Hop organizes your messages by People and/or Companies. You can simply view the history of emails with each person in one place.

Like we said earlier, Hop automatically transforms all your emails into a natural chat format. It brings all your communication with a person or entity under a single thread, where the ‘owner’ of the thread is the person, group or entity (like a business) you communicate with.

Hop translates your email into a list of people and entities that appear on a chronological order, so the person or entity that you communicated with last will always appear at the top.

Hop helps you focus on the important conversations by setting the messages from people you communicate with under ‘Chat’ (marked with a chat bubble), and the rest of the messages under ‘Incoming’, marked with an envelope gif.

Click here to download Hop on your Android device.

Click here to download Hop on your iOS device.

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