East beats the West hands down when it comes to mobile gaming: Report

A new research report has said the East outspent the West when it came to mobile.

‘What Western Publishers Need To Know About The Asia Mobile Games report 2016’ said Asia had 1.2 billion mobile gamers & controlled 55% of the US $24.9 billion in worldwide mobile games revenue. The ‘Big 3’ of China, Japan & South Korea currently controlled 90% of the region’s mobile earnings.

With lots of opportunity in the major markets & emerging regions, the question, thus was, “How can western publishers tackle the Asian mobile games market?” Mobile gaming, said the report, was especially prevalent in Asia & was responsible for 47% of the region’s digital gaming revenues versus 41% globally.


SuperData’s report provided insights on the Big 3 & the emerging markets of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong & Singapore. The report also highlighted player preferences in India’s fast-growing mobile games market. Findings included the fact that 2/3rds of mobile gamers played racing games, making them the country’s top mobile genre, & that only 3% of the country’s mobile gamers were aged 45 or older.

Other key findings included:

Japan was the world’s largest mobile games market, with US $6.2 billion in 2015E revenue. Despite having fewer players than China or the U.S., Japan has the highest average mobile games spending of any major country.

China had 785 million mobile gamers, 62% of Asia’s total. Asia’s second-biggest mobile games market was volume-driven, as China has the lowest conversion rates and average spending of the “Big 3.”

India was Asia’s fastest-growing mobile games market, with revenue more than doubling from $416 million in 2015E to $1.2 billion by 2018E. India’s mobile games market had ample room to expand as the country’s smartphone penetration rate is still low and the country’s payment infrastructure remains underdeveloped.

Android controlled 73% of China and Korea’s combined mobile revenue. Google’s operating system enjoyed a large lead over iOS in both countries thanks to local brands like Xiaomi and Samsung utilizing the platform.

For the detailed report, click here.

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