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If you are looking for a Website building tool that’s so simple to use that even a dork can create an impressive feature rich, classy Site, then maybe you should give ‘Dorkoy’ a try.

This new Website builder comes on the heels of many such popular services like Squarespace, Tilda Publishing, Design Modo’s Slide, to name a few. But what differentiates Dorkoy, according to its Slovakia-based Founder Tomas Peniasko, is that it’s really easy to build new Websites quickly, including landing pages, product pages, even fully packed Sites for all sorts of Content. With Dorkoy’s personalization options your Website will stand out & will not look like a template, which is what generally tends to happen with competing services.

Another differentiating factor that makes Dorkoy unique is its simplicity. Most Website builders are overloaded with features that you’ll never use & with outdated elements. As they grow they keep gaining useless features, they become bloated & difficult to use & to grow.  Tomas Peniasko’s design objective for Dorkoy is to make it as simple as building with Lego blocks.

Another strong point is its ability to concentrate & provide added support in its primary market, which consists of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, where there’s a scarcity of companies offering local support on this type of platform. Their target market is Website owners, freelance designer and small agencies.

You can try out Dorkoy for free with a demo account, but if you’d like to purchase a developer’s license, it will set you back €49/year (a rather low price compared to competing products). This includes: The possibility of creating an unlimited number of websites, 100+ content blocks, email support & auto updates. They are offering a 20% discount for a limited time when ordering directly on their Website.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –  
Image Credit: Dorkoy
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