‘Doozyrama’ is free interactive social map app for your iPhone – New app

With ‘Doozyrama’ users totally control the process by which places are added to maps. It’s an interactive crowd-sourced social map that lets anyone with an account add places to the map seamlessly.

The app was created about a year ago by a Berlin, Germany-based startup & was designed to let users easily create & share interesting places without the restrictions imposed by other mapping services.

Doozyrama is billed as a “GPS Walking Tracker”, so with the app you can discover hidden gems as you walk around your city. As they say on their product page, you can “get the most out of every your walk with a perfect walking companion”.

The crowdsourcing aspect of the app means that places added to the map are always added by the real experts, the real people who use the app as they walk around & discover things. A algorithm keeps the map upto date with the recommendations, always highlighting quality from users’ rankings & hiding unpopular places.

All places on the map contain info on the users/contributors that added the places to the map & other users can follow any contributor. That way users are informed when a new place is added by his favorite contributors.

Yet to be visited areas on a map are digitized, while areas with user activity present is shown. When you open up the app you’ll discover previous interactions with the world around you, so that the map is actually only visible in areas where you’ve been with the app.

According to the makers of Doozyrama, the app will let you:

  • Make each walk unique & take it to new places
  • Track your walks, hikes, rides with your family, friends or dog everyday, during weekends & on vacation
  • Discover your neighborhoods & places nearby recommended by experts & friends
  • Memorize awesome places you have found &areas where you’ve been
  • Get motivated for a new walk
  • Have fun by competing with friends, achieve goals & describe a revealed place with Emoji

Click here to download  Doozyrama on your iOS device. 

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 
Image Credit: Doozyrama 


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