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The makers of ‘Disclose’ claim that theirs is a communication platform that is “built for news”. Their aim is to help their target audience of journalists, PR specialists & founders, manage how they tell the myriad stories that they are continually pitched, or how to more easily tell their own stories.

The French startup has set out to provide a simple, free tool, which they intend to keep providing free of charge. They state that theirs is a platform for facilitating communication between PR & journalists, & that neither party should pay for the privilege of talking to each other.

Other design parameters, set out by team members of the recently introduced platform are:

The ability for journalists to manage all pitches that they get in one place by using the platform to talk to their sources, request further info, store media & create a story straight from the pitch

Have journalists save time by choosing how, when & what they want to be pitched

Eliminate the need for follow-ups by informing sources as soon as their pitch has been viewed, & making it easy for journalists to accept or turn down a pitch without needing to start an open dialogue

Provide a dedicated news platform, similar to what Slack is providing for “Teams”, for journalists & their sources

The main idea is to give journalists complete control over pitches, so that time is not wasted & decide exactly what stories are wanted & how you want them presented. The platform takes most of the work out of reading pitches by extracting the important info from each story & presenting it in one place. Receiving all your stories in one place lets you concentrate on the real job of a journalist, which is writing news, without wasting time on the sticky details of acquiring info.

The platform relies on an already popular & powerful platform, Twitter, which guarantees interactions only with people that you already know (& that know you). In order to be able to pitch you, they’ve got to follow you on Twitter. Disclose lets you manage pitch preferences through filters, to reduce the volume of pitches sent to you. In this way you pretty much ensure that only stuff you’re really interested in gets your attention, making you more efficient, & saving lots of time.

Disclose is a free service, & you can try it out by signing up in their webpage or directly here.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 

Image Credit: Disclose
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