A handwriting app for your iPad called ‘Penultimate’

penultimateYou may think your handwriting beats any old digital font. Or sometimes, it’s just plain satisfying to go over notes in your own handwriting. Remember ‘journaling’, that is, just putting down your thoughts? But since, these days, we don’t use many physical notebooks or legal pads, how about your own ‘digital’ handwriting?

Yes, there’s a new app for the Apple iPad available for handwriting lovers, & it claims to be the last word in the marriage of technology & the art of handwriting. ‘Penultimate’, developed by Evernote, allows you to take notes in classes, in meetings, or even draw diagrams & pictures to better illustrate those notes – all with your own hand & we don’t mean using a keyboard.

The amazing inking technology enhances the writing & drawings so that they seem more natural. There’s different paper styles, or you can create your own personalized paper as well. A great feature of the app is that is searchable, which means that you can search for any particular reference within your notes so that you can find the Content you are looking for easily.

Write, scribble or sketch – all this on your iPad. The app lets you create digital handwriting, adding a personal touch to your notes. Twinned with the power of Evernote, the app is available for download on iPads.

The developers have collaborated with another hotshot company, Adonit, to pair the app with a stylus. Thus, the experience is like writing with your favourite pen, say the makers.

Features of the app include:
• Lets you work on any part of the page
• Connects & syncs with Evernote so that you are always able to access your notes across your devices
• Helps insert, delete, duplicate, & reorganize pages any way you like within them the pages

The newest version, 6.2 offers a number of cool features which include free papers, more intuitive pen, colours & highlighter, notebooks that look like notebooks instead of circles, & a grid view to the pages tray, which allows you to quickly scan to the particular page you are searching for.

The Redwood City, California-based technology firm Evernote, which developed Penultimate, is helmed by Chris O’Neill. They have other apps in their stable, across Android, iPad, Mac & Windows, including Browser, Docu-Sign, Alternote, Skitch & Instapaper.

Click here to download Penultimate on your iPad.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Evernote
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