Development & distribution platform for Mac developers ‘DevMate’ is now available for free


Here’s some news that will cheer up our Mac & iOS app developers. US-based startup DevMate, a development & distribution platform for Mac OS X developers, has decided to go free.

With DevMateKit, you don’t need to write tons of boring code. Integrate DevMateKit into your application to make it instantly ready for licensing, crash reporting, updates delivery, tracking, & feedback collection.

The reasons for the team here deciding to offer its “priced” menu for free is not known so far.

Here are some other features of DevMateKit:

  • The kit allows licensing that protects your application from illegal usage, supports the entire activation process, & allows you to create trial versions. For apps selling via FastSpring, automatic licensing & order fulfillment is available
  • With the Kit, your app quickly collects crash reports & sends them to DevMate in real time. All crash or issue reports are processed & symbolicated on DevMate’s server

Over 7 years ago, DevMate was created by MacPaw Inc to deliver utility apps to Mac users. During these years, the startup has created a toolset that has allows developers to overcome App Store limitations.

Image Credit: DevMate



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