Design your own watch face with this app

new smartwatch appCustomizing is an attractive option for most things. After all, individualism is an USP that sells. Now you can customize your smartwatch face with an app. You can personalize your watch face with your own design, or even choose from a wide variety of quirky, iconic & classic designs. Leading artists have created 1000s of watch face designs you can choose from to better express your personality.

Welcome to Facer, which curates a collection of original watch faces from artists & designers of all stripes. Compatible with all Android Wear devices, faces for Tag Heuer Smartwatch, Moto 360 1 & 2, Huawei, Asus Zen Watch 1 & 2, Sony Smartwatch 3, LG-G, LG-G-R, LG Urbane, Samsung Gear are available in the collection. If you have an Apple smartwatch, that’s fine too. You get to see a new watch face every time you turn your wrist. You can also choose a live theme or channel for a constant stream of new images. Partners include Instagram, Unsplash, Superfamous, Gratisography, Vecteezy, & Nasa. You can join the beta for Facer iOS.

If you have to satisfy your design itch, the large creator canvas in this app allows you to design your own watch face. The powerful web based editor allows you create your own design using

So you can:

  • Import & edit any image you’d like
  • Choose from custom font collections, & time/date layouts
  • Interactive & animated design capabilities
  • Included watch hands & weather icon collection
  • Weather Conditions with Fahrenheit & Celsius support
  • Battery Level, Step Counter, WiFi Indicator, & dynamic backgrounds
  • Design on your desktop & import the faces directly to the app at

Based in Venice, California, Little Labs is a smartwatch app studio with a special focus on the post-phone scene. Ariel Vardi is the Co-founder at Little Labs, along with Kris MacDonald. Their other products include Slots Time & The Martian Game.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 
Image Credit: Facer




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