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‘Papeair’ is a platform that allows you to design ebooks for publishing on all platforms. Not only does it help you to create ebooks but also offers formatting services. The design & formatting services offered are professional & made by real book designers.

With Papeair you are able to create ebooks in minutes & download them immediately. It eliminates formatting & editorial errors. Its smart algorithm gives you the quality of professional formatting. The algorithm applies real book design rules to all elements. In addition, it fixes mistakes like eliminating white spaces or dumb marks.

How to create an ebook with Papeair

i) Upload your manuscript as a Word file. (docx)

ii) After that, you can choose a genre design for the ebook of your choice. You can also add your cover design. It also allows you to request a custom cover design, ensuring that it is optimized across all platforms. Papeair ensures that your ebook’s interior designs are tailored to your ebook genre. This makes sure the final ebook copy is good for your readers. This is irrespective of the eReading device they use.

iii) You can finally preview & download your ebook in Mobi & Epub formats. The platform’s developers claim that they check your ebook to ensure that it has approval for Amazon KDP, Apple iBooks, Smashword, Kobo as well as Barnes & Noble. Also, after creating your ebook you have all the copyrights of the book, hence can publish it whenever you want.

With Papeair you can also get Print Book formatting for print on demand publications. In addition, Papeair provides complete front & end matter. This allows you to easily add a title page, copyright page, author’s page among others.

It designs & formats your manuscript to ensure print-on-demand services like CreateSpace accept it. To get the print formatting from Papeair, you simply contact them & they’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours of contacting them. After this, you submit your manuscript after which they’ll get back to you with a quote. You’ll be required to pay the invoice after they send you a proof. Finally, they send you ready to use files.

Papeair’s developers are Magdalena Rogier, who is a book designer, Arkadiusz & Arnaud. Its headquarters are in London, UK.


- This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review. - 


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