‘Cyber Dust’ is a free personal communication mobile app

cyberdustIf you want to send & receive messages on your smart phone without worrying about other parties in the conversation recording the talk, then you might want to try out Cyber Dust. The app allows a user to build a following around a brand, team, location or industry & to share influence & inspiration without privacy & security worries.

The app allows you to “blast” messages & Content to a wide audience & to receive private personal responses. Besides text messages, it supports links, stickers, videos, photos & other media. The messages cannot be captured via a screenshot & disappear as soon as they are read. The Content uses heavyweight encryption & aren’t stored on the users’ devices or on the Cloud, with no possibility of ever recovering any message.

The person behind Cyber Dust is Mark Cuban, the Internet billionaire & TV/sports celeb, who has been heavily supporting it since 2014. While others have already tried this approach, most notably Snapchat, Mark Cuban wants to see Cyber Dust become the messaging platform of choice for the ever more security conscious netizen.

As he remarked in an interview on Forbes:

For me, it was watching the SEC taking every digital message I gave them and apply whatever context it wanted to apply.  No matter what the truth was. Then I saw the success of Snapchat and realized that I wasn’t the only one who had a need to reduce my digital footprint. Cyber Dust isn’t designed to fight off the NSA or some nefarious intruder.  Cyber

Dust is designed to replace texting for anyone who realizes that you lose control of every text you send.  [It’s also realizing] That the phone companies and your text recipients own your texts and even the most innocent text can take on a whole new context. I wanted to have a means of communication that is analogous to face to face – where you can speak openly and honestly. That is why we created Cyber Dust.

Cyber Dust goes as far as guaranteeing that its platform is 100% private, comparing its use to a normal face-to-face conversation between friends.  A direct message to a single user is referred to as a “Dust”, while a “Blast” is a sort of broadcast message that goes to every follower on your network. Both types of message provide absolute discretion & can never be recovered once they’re gone, as each message is encrypted with a unique 128-bit AES encryption which is further secured by an RSA 2048-bit key. Also, they exist only in the phone’s volatile memory (never in permanent storage). The messages disappear no more than 100 seconds after reading or after 24 hours if they go unopened.

To provide added security, the app will notify you if a screenshot is taken & your name & info won’t appear on screen. Cyber Dust also prevents screencasting.

Because of its privacy features & its penchant for easy community building, Cyber Dust has been taken up by a lot of celebrities & athletes, which has accelerated its popularity among working professionals, especially business executives & lawyers. The company claims that it delivers tens of millions of secure messages each month.

Cyber Dust is free & available worldwide in 15 languages.

Click here to download Cyber Dust on your Android device.

Click here to download Cyber Dust on your iOS device.

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